About Us


With a thriving, self-sustaining local food economy, people will have the tools and knowledge to make positive food choices that support healthy living.

Nine values serve as our foundation. These values inform the content of our programs as well as the ways that we interact with participants, partners, volunteers, donors, and with each other.

Relationship Building
To create real, deep change, we need to be in relationship with one another and to collaborate when we have overlapping missions.
Inviting fellowship to learn the needs of ALL in the community.
Community Education
With our community outreach (Farmers' Market, Power of Produce and community lunches), we promote food choices that support healthy living "one bite at a time".
Local Economies
A strong local economy has the potential to provide greater economic stability for residents of our county.  We do this by connecting food producers with consumers and using grant money to incentivize shopping at our market.
Food Justice
We promote food justice by serving a free community lunch to all, educational presentations in schools, early head start and the library, providing SNAP access and doubling its purchasing power at our farmers' market and providing transportation incentives to our farmers' market.
We will persist in supporting food growers, a local economy, eating well and a healthy community. It is our goal to shift the food culture of our county toward one that values local sustainably grown produce.
Land Stewardship
By promoting eating local and the local food system, it keeps farmers on their land and in business, encouraging land stewardship.
Community resource
We strive to be a local food resource for the community.
We are responsible to the community to share our knowledge, resources and passion.


The force of Nature behind the Caswell County Local Foods Council, a 501c3 non profit, is Stokes Reagan (Pres), Rebecca Page (Secretary) and Leslie Zimmerman (Treasurer). Three women who were born and raised or just arrived in Caswell County. All have a passion for food and community and are willing to do what it takes too make things happen. We are Volunteers, Farmers, Craftsmen, and Families.